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Our Cats and all about them.

The following notes and illustrations of and respecting the Cat are the outcome of over fifty years' careful, thoughtful, heedful observation, much research, and not unprofitable attention to the facts and fancies of others.

[01] Animals And Birds Have Not Only Been Objects Of Study, But Of Deep And Absorbing Interest.
01 Animals And Birds Have Not Only Been Objects Of Study, But Of Deep And Absorbing Interest.
02 My Deep Sense Of The Kindness Of Those Warm-hearted Friends
03 Mummy Cats In Egypt
04 Applying The Bodies Of The Mummy Cats For Manure
05 Cats For Fur Industry
06 Superstitions Connected With The Domestic Cat
09 Coon Cats
12 Norwegian Cats.
15 When Thinking Of The Large Number Of Cats Kept In London Alone
18 Inside The Crystal Palace Stood My Friend And I
21 Many Cats That Are Said To Be Spiteful Are Made So By Ill-treatment
24 Of All The Cats Lillah Was The Most Loving
27 As He Said He Had No Cat At Home
30 At The Brighton Show Of 1886 There Were Two Cats
33 When i Built a House In The Country
36 The Price Was Low And The Cat a Beauty
39 The Angora Cat.
42 As Far As My Experience Extends
45 The Russian Long-haired Cat.
48 I do Not Remember Having Seen a White Russian Long-hair
51 They Are An Exceedingly Interesting Section
54 As May Have Been Gathered From The Foregoing Remarks
57 The Tortoiseshell-and-white Cat.
60 Tortoiseshell Tom Or He-cat Somewhere In Yorkshire
63 The Clearer, Redder, And Brighter The Brown The Better.
66 Yet It Was Also Called The Brinded Cat
69 Spotted Tabby Cat
72 The Abyssinian Tabby Cat.
75 This Is By No Means So Uncommon a Colour In The Long-haired Cats
78 But Think It Must Be a True Albino
81 The Blue Cat.
84 The Same Markings Are Applicable To The Brown Tabby And White
87 The Body Is White, With a Distinct Black Cross
90 Possesses a Chocolate Variety Of This Royal Siamese Cat
93 Who Brought The Chocolate One And Another
96 I Am Also Much Indebted To The Courtesy Of Mr
99 We Feed Them On Fresh Fish Boiled With Rice
102 They Are Most Interesting And Delightful Pets
105 The Manx Cat.
108 In Colour It Is a Brindled Tortoiseshell
111 A Number Of Beautiful Shades Of Colour
114 How Wonderfully Patient Is The Cat When Watching For Rats Or Mice
117 Which Are Regularly Passed Through The Accounts Quarterly
120 Gives a Very Interesting Account Of The Usefulness Of The Cat
123 They Who Remember Old Fleet Prison
126 In Things Not Generally Known
129 Should Have Ready Access To a Pan Of Clear Water
132 In Dressing The Coat Of The Cat No Comb Should Be Used
135 I Would Add To The Foregoing That i Should Use Naldire S Dog Soap
138 The Gray Tabby Has a Ground Colour Of Gray
141 A Most Excellent Cat Fancier And Authority On The Subject
144 Tortoiseshell-and-white Cat.
147 Blue Cat And The Spotted Negro Boy
150 Brown Tabby Breeding.
153 Abyssinian Cat.
156 Black And White Cats.
159 Fancy Colours Cats.
162 The Oldest i Have Seen Being Twenty-one Years
165 Failing To Recall The Truant Back By Her Voice
168 Should It Be Deemed Necessary To Destroy Some
171 Chequering Lights Play With The Never-wearying
174 It Should Also Be Borne In Mind
177 I Have Found Raw Beef The Best
180 Do Not Let Your Cats Or Kittens Wear Collars Or Ribbons Always
183 Orange-yellow Clear Brilliant Large
186 All Betokening Full Health And Strength
189 And Yellow Each To Be Distinct And Clear Of The Other
192 White. Short-hair.
195 Thick At The Base And Narrowing Towards The End
198 Narrow Long Graceful In Line
201 Orange-yellow Slightly Tinted With Green Large
204 Chocolate, Chestnut, Red, Or Yellow Tabby, Striped, Short-hair.
207 Narrow Long Graceful In Line
210 If Blue a Rich Deep
213 Black And White, Gray-white, Red And White, And Other Colours And White.
216 Orange-yellow Slightly Tinged With Green Large
219 Large Coat Glossy And Smooth Fitting
222 The Colour Not Extending Beyond Them
225 Manx, Or Short-tailed Cat.
228 But Some True Bred Have a Very Short
231 And Points At The Apex Of The Ears
234 Black, Blue, Gray, Red, Or Any Self Colour Long-haired Cats.
237 In The Persian The Hair Long And Silky Throughout
240 Orange-yellow For Brown And Blue Tabby
243 Which Gives An Appearance Of Quality
246 But In Points To Count The Same As The Last In All Qualities
249 The Symptoms Are Intense Fever
252 Mange.
255 Distemper.
258 Remedies And Strengthening Medicines.
261 Treatment For Cat Worms.
264 Eye Ointment.
267 The Much-admired Laburnum Contains a Strong Poison. Husemann And Marms In 1864.
270 And Most Interesting To The Naturalist
273 The Next Appears In John Bossewell S Workes Of Armorie
276 In His Excellent And Useful Work
279 Cases Have Also Been Known Of Cats Catching Fish In Shallow Water
282 The Wild Cat Is Stated To Be Now Scarce In England
285 The Wild Cat Is Believed To Be Now Extinct
288 Origin Of The Domestic Cat
291 Though Many Have Become Obsolete
294 I Scarcely Think This The Right Conclusion
297 Still It Appears From Mr Charles Darwin S Voyage Of The Beagle
300 And Though He Was Very Wealthy
303 Concerning Cats. Words Fo Cats.
306 Cat a Strong Tackle Or Combination
309 The Last Part Of The Word Was Probably Assimilated To Piller
312 Sometimes Applied To a Horse With Weak Hind-legs
315 Yet Appertaining More To Appearance
318 To Be Under The Dominion Of a Wife
321 Compared To The Thin Sticks With Which Boys Play At Cat Grose
324 Poetical Name For a Cat Bailey
327 From Their Great Suppleness And Aptitude To Fall On Their Feet
330 To Go Out On a Party Of Pleasure With Wife And Family
333 A Phrase Applied To The Village Tailor Going
336 The Name Of An Ancient Sport S
339 The Name Given To a Large Stone
342 Clouds Like Hairs Streaming From An Animal S Tail Shetland
345 Catsteps The Projections Of The Stones In
348 Kittenhood State Of Being a Kitten
351 Is The Title Of a Book On History
354 A Muffled Cat Is No Good Mouser
357 1664 Cotton S Virgile Book. Care Clammed a Cat.
360 Cat Of Wittie Persons. Inconstant Persons.
363 Just As Quick As a Cat Up a Walnut-tree
366 Rats Walk At Their Ease If Cats do Not Them Meese
369 The Cat Would Eat Fish And Would
372 As Stack Stripped The Cat When He Pulled Her Out Of The Churn
375 The Cat Knoweth Whose Lips She Licketh.
378 Resolved Upon Hanging a Bell About Her Neck
381 And In King Henry The Fourth Act
384 Of The Night-time Food-seeking Cat
387 Not Only On Cats But Also Dogs
390 There S One Come Down To Fetch His Dues
393 And Again, Kiss The Black Cat.
396 Gives a Cat Story Quite Of The Fairy Type
399 The Crying Of Cats Ospreys
402 It Is a Prognostic Of Change Of Weather
405 At a Church In Spitalfields There Is a Benefaction Called Cat And Dog Money.
408 "puss In Boots" (le Chat Botté)
411 According To Larwood And Hotten
414 A Staunch Protestant In The Reign Of Queen Mary
417 Alluding To The Pewter Pots So Called
420 A Dead Cat Being Thrown On The Hustings
423 A Cat Hieroglyphically Represents False Friendship.
426 With The Cat It Is Widely Different
429 By Bringing Them Up Among Birds It Will Respect And Not Touch Them
432 Many Years Ago a Concert Was Given At Paris
435 Perhaps The Most Odd Performance Was That Of Cat Harris
438 But Kittens Have Fallen Upon Evil Times
441 But i Have Almost Forgotten The Old-time Custom Of
444 For The Following From The French
447 Imitated In English. a Cat, Friendly To All.
450 The Partiality To The Domestic Cat
453 Peg Woffington Came To London At Twenty-two Years Of Age
456 Cat-trap, Bat, And Ball.
459 Cat And Mouse-hunting.
462 Nursery Rhymes And Stories.
465 The Love Of Fishing Once Developed Itself To The Disturbance Of My Own Sport.
468 In Lawrence S History Of The Horse
471 I Had Gone The Round Of All The Best Boarding-houses In Town
474 Just At The Edge Of The Evening
477 The Day Had Been a Beautiful One
480 When i Returned At Dinner-time i Found Matters Still Worse
483 Animals Of The Dog Kind Are a Step Or Two More Advanced In Civilisation
486 But Rather That This Difference Is So Minute
489 The Colours In Animated Nature Are Traced By The Finger Of God
492 He Was Very Glad To Come To My Lawn-window Every Day
495 And Nothing That Exists Was Made In Vain
498 The Coat Is Of Two Different Kinds
501 It Was The Cat Who First Domesticated Man.
504 Breeds And Classes. The Tortoiseshell.
507 I Shall Take These In Their Order Of Rotation
510 I Have But Little Fancy For This Breed Myself
513 The Black Cat.
516 The Black Cat Might Be Called The Newfoundland Of The Feline Race
519 And The Captain Was As Much Afraid Of Him As Anybody Else
522 Points Of The Black Cat. You Want Them Large As Large An Possible
525 A Good Black-and-white Cat Is a Very Noble-looking Animal
528 Points Of The Black-and-white Cat
531 Gentle And Loving Above a Cat Of Any Other Colour
534 Points Of The Blue Cat
537 Points Of The Red Tabby
540 Very Large And Broad And Round
543 Points Of Silver And Spotted Tabbies
546 The Heads Of The Tabbies Ought To Be Broad And Large
549 I Think Every Cat-fancier Will Bear Me Out In Saying That
552 On Diet, Drink, And Housing.
555 Before Going On To Describe The Diseases Which Afflict Pussydom
558 I’ll Tell You What I’ll do For You
561 She Will Never Misbehave Herself
564 If Your Cat Is Suffering From Any Severe Illness
567 And She Has Some Difficulty In Getting It
570 It May Be Confined To One Eye
573 Be Sure To Leave Enough Flesh To Form a Flap To Cover The Bone
576 One Of The Commonest And Most Distressing Of Complaints In The Cat.
579 Or Inflammation Of The Stomach
582 And Pussy Begins To Lose Flesh
585 The Cat Emits a Cry As Of Pain And Terror
588 Never Take a Cat’s Kittens Away All At Once
591 If Ever You Catch Pussy Tripping
594 Cats Are Easily Taught To Fish In This Manner
597 Agremens Of Cat Life.
600 What a Nasty Old Man That Farmer Trump Is
603 I’m Going To See Zelina To-night
606 Harmless Necessary Cat
609 Everybody Knows That Cats Can Open Doors If Left Off The Latch
612 After She Got Me To The Spot Where They Were
615 Was The First Who Ever Dared To Publish a Case Of The Same Kind
618 They Were All Drowned Except One
621 Not Only do Cats Know Sickness In Others
624 Tom Was Remarkably Fond Of The Schoolchildren
627 Where He Lived For Two Years Happy Enough
630 Three Years Ago His Master Got a Nice Retriever Dog
633 Some People Get Wiser Every Day
636 Why do Cats Often Pass Other People By
639 It’s No Earthly Use You Know
642 Or Whatever Is The Name Of Your Intended Landlady
645 Is Quite Incompatible With The Safety Of The Lieges
648 Although At Times She May Use The Furry Favourite Rather Roughly
651 And Sing Duets With The Tea-kettle
654 For What Can Be Accomplished With Individual Cats
657 Having Gotten Your Purchases Home
660 How To Get Good Pelage On a Cat
663 Some People Fancy That To Manage Cats Properly
666 The Cats Are Fed Morning And Night
669 When You Send Your Entry Form Up To The Secretary
672 Do Not Receive a Cat That Is Suffering From Illness Of Any Sort
675 Albeit i Love Sport And Shooting
678 More Than Any Other Domestic Animal We Possess
681 Pussy’s Tricks And Manners.
684 Polecats And Weasels Have To Own Her Sway
687 I Have Seen a Cat Take The Water As Coolly As An Irish Spaniel
690 It Is Really Wonderful How a Cat Can Often Find Its Way
693 I Know a Cat Who Caught Two Sparrows At Once
696 Cats Are Not Only Fond Of Human Beings
699 Cats Can Be Easily Taught To Follow One
702 Will Invariably Give Pussy a Wide Berth
705 One. The Fireside Favourite.
708 When Mistress Came Home There Was Such a Row
711 The Way They Are Kicked And Cuffed About
714 My Heart Felt Like a Great Cold Lump Of Lead
717 I Found Myself Lying On The Mat In The Hall
720 Although The Building Is Humble And Your Pallet Is Straw
723 My Mother Told Me That This Was Something
726 Had i Been Differently Brought Up
729 Safety Warning
730 How To Cite Our Website


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